Our Services


  Whether you need you vehicle towed because it broke down on the side of the road or because you need to move it to a shop, we are there for you. We provide towing services to anyone who needs it at any time. Our Roadservice Technicians will always put safety first and will always do the job as safe as possible. The only type of service that we don't offer is reposetions or parking violation towing, we strictly concentrate in helping drivers from headaches and not causeing them. So if you think we can be a help to you give us a call.


  We all live busy lives and we all tend to be on a hurry to get to our next task, but with haste mistakes happen. One of the biggest ones that many people do is to leave their vehicles lights on. Which we all know will happen, you go in your vehicle to start it and you hear the dreaded click, click, click.

  If you are able to get someone to give you a boost awesome, but for those who aren't so lucky we will be there for you. Once we arrive it will usually take a couple of minutes to get you back on the road. The service is quick easy and best of all affordable.

Tire Changes

  One of the most common road related break downs that everyone has faced at one time or another, the flat tire. Whether you don't know how to change the tire or just don't want to know that you can call us. Roadhap Rescue has the equipment to get your tire changed and back on the road quickly. We are able to service you whether you have a car or truck. Of course all we do need is for you to have a spare tire.

  In cases where you don't have a tire when we arrive or you forgot that you had a lock on your wheel and the key was left home we can always offer you towing if need be.

Lock Outs

  At Roadhap Rescue we know the feeling and the inconvenience of breaking down on the side of the road, it has happened to many of us. On top of having to pay a mechanic to figure out what is wrong with your vehicle, you now have to depend on a towing company to get your vehicle to its destination safely.

  This is where Roadhap Rescue can help you. While we may not be able to help you in getting your vehicle running on its own, we can at least get your vehicle home or to a mechanic's shop safely. Our roadside service personel will always treat you like family. We will be there to rescue you quickly and most of all safely. Our duty to you is to make sure you and your vehicle are safe from the time we pick it up to the time we drop it off to its destination. Know that you can count on us when you need us.

Fuel Delivery

  Fuel Delivery is another service we provide our customers. You could be in the middle of the highway far away from a city or town, in the middle of the night, we will be there for you. With our fuel delivery service we usually recommend at least 5 gallons to be sure to at least get you to the next town. You tell us what type of fuel you need and we will bring it.

  Fuel Delivery at Roadhap Rescue is only the service charge plus the price of fuel. In the event where after we refuel your vehicle and the vehicle won't start because air entered the system we can always offer you towing to where ever you need to go, and credit the fuel service charge towards the towing.

Long Distance Transport

  Our long distance transport is for anyone who needs to move a vehicle exactly that a long distance. This is great for those who are moving or who have just bought a vehicle but need it picked up and brought over. Long distance transport is not just limited to cars either. If it is a piece of equipment you need moved give us a call if we can put it on a flatbed or on a trailer and tow it safely we will do it.

  There is no set price on long distance transport since there are so many variables, like pick up and drop off location, property being transported...etc. Just give us a call to see if we can help you on your transporting needs.